Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights

The Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights research study is an international project that seeks to foster research links between Canada and the global south.  The study endeavours to explore: the impact of laws that criminalize sexual orientation and gender identity; the ways in which LGBT and human rights groups are organizing to resist this criminalization; and the implications for human rights policy formation, social services, and immigration and refugee policies.

Research Study Funder: SSHRC

Project Dates: 2011-2016

Principal Investigator: Nancy Nicol (York University)


  • Barry Adam (University of Windsor)
  • R. Douglas Elliott (Charter Rights lawyer, Toronto)
  • Gareth Henry (519 Church St. Community Centre)
  • Adrian Jjuuko (HRAPF)
  • Helen Kennedy (Egale Canada)
  • El-Farouk Khaki
  • Gary Kinsman (Laurentian)
  • Lydia Makoroka (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
  • Monica Mbaru (International Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Commission, ILGHRC)
  • Nick Mulé (York University)
  • Kyle Scanlon (519 Church St. Community Centre)
  • Pam Shime (Global Advocacy & Leadership Institute)
  • Kim Vance (ARC International)
  • Phyllis Waugh (Rainbow Health Ontario)
  • Charmaine Williams (U. of T)


  • Aditya Bondyopadhyay (ILGLaw)
  • Naisargi N. Dave (U. of T)
  • Enakshi Dua (York University)
  • David Murray (York University)
  • Monica Tabengwa (Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana)
  • Maurice Tomlinson (University of Technology, Jamaica)
  • Jennifer Hyndman (York University)

Upcoming Events:

Courting Change: Caleb & Belize’s Anti-Sodomy Law, November 17, 2016