CFR Co-Sponsored: Transnational Filipinx Studies Workshop

November 14, 2016 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Ross S802
4700 Keele St
North York, ON M3J 3T8
Dr. Ethel Tungohan


During this workshop, which will be held at York University at Ross S802, we will:

1. Explore the similarities and differences in the immigration histories, life trajectories, and experiences of (un)settlement and (un)belonging of different groups of Filipino im/migrants in the United States and in Canada.

Undertaking these cross-national comparisons will enable us to come to a better understanding of the divergent effects on the Filipino diaspora of the Philippines’ labour migration policies and the United States’ and Canada’s labour recruitment strategies, and trace the impacts of imperialism and neoliberal globalization on the lives of migrants in different national settings.

2. Examine the range of community-engaged research projects across Canada.

We will assess the collaborative research projects undertaken by academics and community organizations on at-risk and marginalized Filipino youth in Vancouver (Kababayan Mentorship Program), second-generation Filipino youth across Canada (Filipinos Youth in Transition- Canada), current and former live-in caregivers across Canada (Gabriela Transition Experiences Survey), current and former caregivers based in Ontario who have left their children behind (Caregivers Journey), and Filipino seniors in the Greater Toronto Area (Filipino Elderly Well-Being Project). In doing so, we will explore answers to the question of how we can best foster collaborative research and advocacy partnerships between academics and community members.

Robyn Rodriguez will be our keynote speaker and will be speaking on, " Alternative Genealogies and Trajectories of 'Community Engaged Scholarship': A Critical Filipinix Studies Agenda."


Robyn Rodriguez (UC-Davis)
Allan Isaac (Rutgers University)
Valerie Francisco (San Francisco State University)
Patrick Alcedo (York University)
Robert Diaz (University of Toronto)
John Paul Catungal (University of British Columbia)
Conely De Leon (York University)
Philip Kelly (York University)
Jennilee Austria (Filipino Youth in Transition Survey)
Petronila Cleto (Gabriela-Ontario)
Rupa Banerjee (Ryerson University)
Fritz Pino (University of Toronto)
Monica Batac (McGill University)
Marissa Largo (University of Toronto)
Maureen Mendoza (KAMP)
Zenee Maceda (UFCW)
Ysh Cabana (Anakbayan)
Kim Abis (Anakbayan)
Nicole Cajucom (Kapisanan)

York University Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
York Centre for Asian Research
Global Labour Research Centre
Centre for Feminist Research