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Gender and Work: Constructing Knowledge, Changing Practice

October 1-2, 2004

The Gender Work Database is intended to serve as a multi- and interdisciplinary research and teaching tool. Its primary purpose is to produce and disseminate knowledge in the field of gender and work. This conference will be an opportunity for researchers working in the field of feminist political economy to gather to discuss new research, as well as new approaches to research and teaching, in the area of gender and work. 

Migrant Women’s Quest for Social Justice Conference

November 12-13, 2004

Invited by the centre, individuals currently researching the health of immigrant women, family law, discrimination in employment and violence perpetrated against women on welfare presented their research.

CFR Open House

March 16, 2005

CFR's Three-Part Publishing Seminar Series (2004-2005)

The Publishing Sub-Committee of the Centre for Feminist Research planned three seminars on publishing.  The focus of these seminars was to help faculty and graduate students negotiate the publishing of their research in academic forums.  The seminars took place in December 2004, February 2005, and April 2005.

Seminar 1: Publishing Feminist Manuscripts with University Presses

December 8, 2004


  • Marlene Kadar, editor of the "Life Writing Series" of Wilfrid Laurier University Press


  • Sandra Woolfry, Former Director and Senior Editor of Wilfrid University Press
  • Richard Telesky, Associate Professor, Division of Humanities, York University

The above speakers shed light on the process of publishing and helped to narrow the distance between authors and (what often appears like) impersonal review. They focused on how to locate a publisher, prepare a manuscript proposal for publication, the dilemmas of finding suitable reviewers, and how to respond to reviews.

Seminar 2: Publishing in Journals

February 9, 2005


  • Kathryn McPherson, Editor of Histoire Sociale – Social History
  • Linda Peake, Managing Editor of Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography
  • Luciana Ricciutelli, Managing Editor of Canadian Woman Studies, and Editor at Inanna Publications

This seminar focused on how to negotiate the process of publishing in an academic journal.  The speakers discussed how to submit articles, correspond with the editors and make revisions on the articles that produce an improved paper.

Seminar 3: Publishing with the University of Toronto Press and the University of British Columbia Press

April 6, 2005


  • Emily Andrews, senior editor at University of British Columbia Press
  • Virgil Duff, editor of the University of Toronto Press

This seminar focused on how to turn a dissertation into a book manuscript.  An extended discussion took place on some of the issues that are confronted by individuals negotiating the process of publishing.

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