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Bombs, Bullets, and Bodies: Women’s Struggle for Justice in Burma, Sudan, Burundi and Guatemala

September 14, 2007

Asha El-Karib, Sudan/Gender Centre for Research and Training
Fahima A. Hashim, Sudan/Salmmah Women’s Resource Centre
Sophie Havyarimana, ACORD-Burundi
Luz Méndez, Guatemala/Women Agents for Change Consortium
Zipporah Sein, Burma/Karen Women’s Organization

Chair: Alison Crosby, School of Women’s Studies, York University

Co-sponsored by Centre for Refugee Studies and Inter Pares

One of the most profound social silences in countries struggling with the consequences of current and past violence is the systematic sexual abuse suffered by women. In times of armed conflict, women’s bodies are targeted as a means to humiliate the enemy community and tear apart the social fabric. Panelists will share their experiences, learning and dilemmas in working in this area, both directly with women survivors of sexual violence in situations of conflict and the aftermath, and in regional and international policy arenas. In particular, participants will discuss the challenges of research and documentation on this issue, and share their thoughts on the possibilities for collaboration and dialogue across boundaries of space and place.

Redefine the Possible: World AIDS Day at York

November 30, 2007

Lillian Ochere, Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK)
Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Stephen Lewis Foundation
Louise Binder, Canadian Treatment Action Council

Co-sponsored by McLaughlin College, UNICEF Club, Calumet College, Faculty of Health, Health and Society Program, Graduate Programme in Women's Studies

World AIDS Day is December 1 and is recognized around the world as an opportunity to remember those who have died of AIDS and to commit to moving forward in addressing the pandemic. This World AIDS Day event at York focussed on providing information about the HIV and AIDS pandemic but more importantly providing information about what people at York and around Canada can do to address HIV and AIDS in Canada and globally.

Veiling and Identity Formation in Europe and North America
PART I: "Fabricating the (Female) Muslim Subject: The Politics of Un/Veiling in Contemporary Legal Debates"

February 27 2008

Panel discussion featuring Reina Lewis

The panel discussed contemporary legal debates around the veil within Europe and North America. Panelists speak to recent concerns and legislation with regards to the practice of veiling and female Muslim subject formation in England, France/Turkey, and Canada. The panel was followed by discussion and refreshments.

Veiling and Identity Formation in Europe and North America
PART II: "Fabricating the Muslim Subject: Faith, Identity and Cultural Consumption"

February 28, 2008

Panel discussion featuring Reina Lewis

The panel discussed discuss contemporary Muslim subject formation and lifestyles in relation to the commodification of cultural and religious markers such as the veil within Europe and North America. Panellists discussed the marketing of Muslim lifestyles, Muslim art in a post-9-11 world, the gendering of space and the veil as a potential critique of masculinity.

Philippines: Waging War on the People

April 7, 2008

Crispin Beltran and Luz Ilagan

The York Philippines Study Group, along with Center for Feminist Research and York Center for Asian Research welcomed Representative Crispin Beltran and Representative Luz Ilagan to York University on 7 April 2008. They spoke at a seminar on labour politics, gender politics and human rights in the Philippines. The talk opened with the Toronto premier of the new documentary, "Philippines: Waging War on the People" by Production Multimonde in Montreal. It provided a primer on the recent situation in the Philippines.

Women in Conflict Zones Network

May 15-18th, 2008

The Women in Conflict Zones Network, WICZNET, is housed at York University, jointly situated at the Centre for Feminist Research and the Centre for Refugee Studies. One of the principle goals of the Network has been to find ways of reaching across institutional-academic-activist boundaries to develop spaces that allow for dialogue concerning theory, empirical knowledge and policy development in the area of gender and militarized conflict. On May 15-18th, 2008, a small group of some of the original WICZNET members, as well as several new members met in Dubrovnik, Croatia to identify and assess, from a feminist perspective, the current global moment in terms of militarized violence and to map out a conceptual framework for a new collaborative research project. This initial planning workshop is being jointly hosted by the Croatian women’s organization Zenska Infoteka, as part of their annual Women and Politics Conference. Please visit the WICZNET website for more details