Website Launch for the Remembering and Memorializing Violence: Transnational Feminist Dialogues Project

Housed at the Centre for Feminist Research at York University, Remembering and Memorializing Violence: Transnational Feminist Dialogues fosters critical collaboration and research innovation at the intersections of transnational feminism and memory studies.

The new website serves as a virtual hub and communication platform for our 24 project researchers who work from a variety of locations internationally. It simultaneously functions as a much-needed source of information, resources and opportunities for feminist scholars, artists, activists and practitioners grappling with questions, concerns and possibilities related to the complexities of collectively remembering and memorializing colonial, imperial, militarized and state violence using an intersectional and transnational feminist lens.

In Fall 2020, the website will also host an interactive digital archive that curates materials and resources relevant to the field of transnational feminist memory studies. Updates on our project’s activities, which include an edited volume and an international workshop, are made available on the website and through a listserv, which we invite you to join.

The creation and maintenance of this website has been possible through generous support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and York University.

The Research Team (Alison Crosby, Malathi de Alwis, Heather Evans, Honor Ford-Smith, Shahrzad Mojab and Carmela Murdocca)