Graduate Student Positions on CFR Executive Committee -- Call for Applications

The Centre for Feminist Research is looking for two Graduate Students to join its Executive Committee for the 2020-21 year.

Position Description

The Executive Committee is responsible for matters of regular management of the Centre and serves in a consultative and monitoring capacity in relation to the Director (and any Associate Directors).

The Executive meets once a month in the Fall and Winter Terms and when necessary in the Summer Term. Its meetings are called by the Director, but it may also be convened by a majority of the Executive Committee and it may be required to meet by the Council. The term of office for graduate student members is 12 months.


If you are interested, please send a 1-page letter of application that includes:

-A statement of interest explaining why you would like to join the CFR Executive
-Your past involvement with the Centre for Feminist Research
-Your past involvement in departmental committees or other Research Centres

Please also attach a copy of your resume/CV

Please email all applications and any questions to the CFR Coordinator Tiffany Pollock at

Deadline for applications is October 5, 2020