Transnational Migration and Social Reproduction: Eldercare Work of Chinese Immigrant Women Professionals in Canada

Principal Investigator: Guida C. Man
Funder: SSHRC Insight Grant

This project examines three fundamental areas of inquiry: transnational migration, eldercare (social reproduction), and global economic restructuring. It specifically investigates trends of immigrant women adopting transnational strategies to accomplish the work of eldercare in the context of globalization and transnationalism. The research will be carried out mainly in Toronto and involves in-depth interviews with recent immigrant women from mainland China and Hong Kong. The conceptual framework of the study is informed by three interdisciplinary scholarly conventions: life history research; institutional ethnography; and intersectional gender, race, ethnicity, and class analysis. The scholarly contribution of the study is three-fold. First, it will add to existing literature on immigration and settlement, with a focus on the transnational migration of women professionals. Second, the study will fill information gaps on immigrant women by treating them as active agents, rather than seeing them as merely “affected” by the immigration process. Third, the results of the study will have implications for policies and practices at the local, national, and global level to address the needs of settlement as well as integration of immigrants.