When you hear something wrong it's up to everyone to let people know": The Acceptance of Homosexuality and the Reconstitution of Social Regulation

PI: Enakshi Dua

Funder: SSHRC Insight Grant

Project Summary:

Recently, influential critical race and sexuality studies scholars have noted the ways in which Western states have become 'accepting' of same-sex relationships. Rather than celebrating the emergence of this acceptance, scholars have pointed to its limitations; that such acceptance perpetuates neoliberal discourses of individualism and often presupposes racialized minorities as homophobic, thus perpetuating post 9/11 racial discourses that support the 'war on terror'.

Drawing upon feminist, critical race and sexuality studies, this multidisciplinary project investigates (1) How the politics of neoliberalism, liberalism and homonationalism construct a new heterosexual subject that is accepting of homosexuality; (2) How this heterosexual subjectivity is interpolated in policing the boundaries of acceptable racial, gender and class formations; and; (3) How this subject is located in racialised discourses.