Engendering Public Engagement, Democratizing Public Space

Engendering Public Engagement, Democratizing Public Space is a community-university collaboration funded through a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and housed at the Centre for Feminist Research.  The project explores new ways to bring feminist voices into discussions of public policy in Canada.  Professor Barbara Cameron, a CFR Research Associate, is leading a nineteen-person team of university and community-based researchers who are testing five approaches to engaging feminists in a dialogue around a new gender justice agenda for Canada.  The results will inform a larger project of public engagement organized around the 50th anniversary of the report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in 2020.

The CFR is a partner on the project, along with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) and the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA).  More information is available on the project website at www.policy4women.ca.  Briefing notes prepared by the project team in collaboration with CRIAW are posted on CRIAW’s website at http://www.criaw-icref.ca/en/page/p4w_publications.