Older Research Projects

Identifying and Establishing Effective Organizational Practice in Serving the Diverse Communities of York Region

Funder: Municipality of York Region
Project Dates: September 2012 - March 2013
Administrating Centre:  Centre for Feminist Research
Researchers: Frances Henry (York University), Time Rees (Independent Researcher)

Sharing Our Legacy: Indigenous-African Relations Across the Americas

Project Dates: July  2010 - July 2013
Principle Investigator: Bonita Lawrence
Conference Planning Team: Enakshi Dua (York University), Vermonja Alston (York University), Beenash Jafri (York University), Zahir Kolia (York University), Kimberly Palmer (York University), Leah Stewart (York University)
Funder: SSHRC

"Worked to Death": Gendered-Racialized Dimensions of Economic Security for Later Life Canadians

Project Dates: March 2010-March 2012
Principle Investigator: Nancy Mandell (York University)
Co-Applicants: Ann Kim (York University), Meg Luxton (York University), Valerie Preston (York University)

Negotiating Sexualities: A Study of Youth and Development in Guyana

Project Dates: 2010-2012
Principle Investigator: Linda Peake (York University)
Participants: Karen De Souza (Red Thread Research Team, Guyana)
Funder: SSHRC

Rethinking Feminist Interventions in Urban Studies

Project Dates: 2009-2012
Principle Investigator: Linda Peake (York University)
Granting Agency: SSHRC
Funder: SSHRC

Memory and Memorialisation

Project Dates: April 2009-March 2010
Principle Investigator: Alison Crosby (York)
Participants: Dr Malathi de Alwis (University of Colombo)
Funder: IDRC

Sharing Feminist Research on Social Policies and Collective Action/Partager la recherche féministe sur les politiques sociales et l’action collective

Project Dates: April 29, 2009-April 30, 2010
Principle Investigator: Jacinthe Michaud (York University)
Co-Applicants: Barbara Cameron (York University) and Leah Vosko (York University)
Funder: SAIC, CIHR

U50 Lecture Series, Feminism and the Academy

Project Dates: 2009-2010
Organizers: Linda Peake, Meg Luxton, Enakshi Dua
Participants: Margaret Thornton (ANU, Australia), Lorraine Code (York University), Nadje Al – Ali (SOAS, UK), Ann Shteir (York University), Elisabeth Young Bruehl (New York), Chandra Mohanty (Syracuse University)

Excavations, Collusions, and Contestations: A Symposium on Violence, Memory, and Memorialization

Date: April 15, 2010
Organizers: Enakshi Dua, Alison Crosby, Honor Ford Smith
Speakers: Urvashi Butalia (Zubaan Books), Malathi de Alwis (University of Colombo), Alison Crosby (York University), Alissa Trotz (University of Toronto), Honor Ford-Smith (York University).

Education as Regeneration: Processes of Decolonization

Project Dates: 2007-2010
Principle Investigator: Celia Haig-Brown
Funder: SSHRC

Doing Theory: Marxism, Feminism, Critical Race Theory

Date: Dec 11, 2009
Organizers: Enakshi Dua
Speakers: Himani Bannerji, Nahla Abdo, Jasodhara Bagchi, Davina Bhandar, Barbara Godard, Dorothy Smith, David McNally, Shahrzad Mojab, Radhika Mongia, Ananya Mukherjee, Sherene Razack, Sunera Thobani, Judith Whitehead

CEDAW and the Status of Women in Ontario

Project Dates: 2008-2009
Principle Investigator: Barbara Cameron (York University)
Funder: CURA

Ensuring Social Reproduction: A Longitudinal Study of Households and Social Polity in Three Ontario Centres

Project Dates: 2007-2009
Principle Investigator: Meg Luxton (York University)
Funder: SSHRC

The Feminist Journals Network (FJN)

Project Dates: 2006-2009
Principle Investigator: Meg Luxton (York University), Marilyn Porter (Memorial University)
Funder: CIDA

Reconceiving Human Rights

Principle Investigator: Guida Man (York University)
Participants: Barbara Cameron (York University)
Funder: SSHRC

Penetrating Neoliberalism: Changing Relations of Gender, Race, Ability and Class

Project Dates: 2006-2008
Principle Investigator: Susan Braedley (York University), Meg Luxton (York University)

Women’s Human Rights, Citizenship, and Identities in a North American Context

Project Dates: 2004-2008
Principle Investigator: Patricia McDermott (York University), Sandra Whitworth (York University), Meg Luxton (York University)

Building Opportunities: Collaborative Feasibility Study

Project Dates: 2006-2007
Principle Investigator: Susan Braedley (York University)
Participants: Simcoe-Muskoka YMCA, Simcoe County Training Board, Centre for Feminist Research
Funder: Ontario Trillium Foundation

Leadership, Gender, and Public Policy: The Case of Indira Gandhi

Project Dates:2002-2005
Principle Investigator: Vijay Agnew (York University)
Funder: SSHRC

Research Direction in Labour Relations and Labour Market Development

Project Dates: 2001-2004
Principle Investigator: Carla Lipsig-Mumme
Funder: SSHRC

Gender, Ethnicity and Health: South Asian Perspectives

Project Dates: 2002
Principle Investigator: Vijay Agnew (York University)
Funder: SSHRC

Immigrant Women, Violence, and Health Across the Life Span

Project Dates: 2001
Principle Investigator: Vijay Agnew (York University)
Funder: York Incentive Grant