CFR Associates are world-renowned scholars who continue to advance feminist research.

Recent CFR Publications:

Challenging Trafficking in Canada: Policy Brief
Edited by Kamala Kempadoo and Nicole McFadyen

From Bleeding Hearts to Critical Thinking: exploring the Issue of Human Trafficking
Edited by Kamala Kempadoo and Darja Davydova

Recent CFR Associate Publications:

Demography and Democracy
by Himani Bannerji

Wife to Widow
by Bettina Bradbury

Land|Slide: Possible Futures
Edited by Janine Marchessault, Chloë Brushwood Rose, Jennifer Foster, and Aleksandra Kaminska

Queering Bathrooms
by Sheila Cavanagh

Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis
Edited by Sheila Cavanagh, Angela Failler and Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst

The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities
by Frances Henry, Enakshi Dua, Carl James, Audrey Kobayashi, Peter Li, Howard Ramos, Malinda Smith

"Race, racialization and Indigeneity in Canadian universities"
by Frances Henry, Enakshi Dua, Carl James, Audrey Kobayashi, Peter Li, Howard Ramos, Malinda Smith

Three Jamaican Plays: A Postcolonial Anthology
by Honor Ford-Smith

Queer Lovers and Hateful Others
by Jin Haritaworn

Politicized Microfinance: Money, Power and Violence in the Black Americasby Caroline Hossein

Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru
by Ali Kazimi

Gender and Science: Studies Across Cultures
by Neelam Kumar

I Won't Be a Slave! Selected Articles on Finnish Canadian Women's History
by Varpu Lindstrom

Reconsidering Knowledge: Feminism and the Academy
by Meg Luxton & Mary Jane Mossman

Engendering Transnational Voices: Studies in Family, Work, and Identity
edited by Guida Man and Rina Cohen

Feminist Issues: Race, Class and Sexuality
edited by Nancy Mandell and Jennifer Johnson

Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House. Exhibition
by Allyson Mitchell with Deirdre Logue

I’m Not Myself At All. Exhibition
by Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell

Her's is Still a Dank Cave: Crawling Towards a Queer Horizon. Video
by Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell

And Still We Rise. Documentary feature
directed by Richard Lusimbo and Nancy Nicol

with Monica Tabengwa, “Sexual Rights and the LGBTI movement in Botswana” book chapter in Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and Change. Corinne Lennox and Matthew Waites (eds.)
by Nancy Nicol

U.S. Homophile Internationalism: Archive and Exhibit Online
by Marc Stein

Sexual Injustice
by Marc Stein

Managing the Margins: Gender, Citizenship and the International Regulation of Precarious Employment
by Leah Vosko

Real Queer? Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Refugees in the Canadian Refugee Apparatus
by David A.B. Murray