Racialization, Racism and the University

Funder: SSHRC
Project Dates: 2010-2014
Principal Investigator: Frances Henry (York University)
Co-Applicants: Audrey Kobayashi (Queen’s University); Malinda Smith (University of Alberta); Peter Li (University of Saskatchewan); Enakshi Dua (York University); Carl James (York University); Carol Tator (York University)

This study will be the first of its kind to address the status of racialized and indigenous scholars in Canadian universities. As a national, multidisciplinary team of scholars, we will undertake a national analysis of Canadian universities with a more detailed analysis of ten universities that represent a diversity of regions and institutions. The study will gather data required to make an accurate assessment of the representation and position of racialized minorities within Canadian universities, and will analyze these data to reveal patterns of discrimination and racism with a particular focus on three questions: 1) How does the pattern of racism vary according to gender, sexuality, ability, age, and different kinds of racia izations? 2) Are there any differences between institutions? 3) How do patterns of racialization affect the mission of universities to deliver equitable education and research and thus fulfill their public responsibility?