Sexuality and Gender Studies and LGBTQ Activism

This research cluster focuses on interdisciplinary research and advocacy in sexuality studies and social justice. Members of the research cluster explore the cultural, economic and legal constructions of heteronormativity and sexuality, as well as queer pedagogy. Members of the research cluster have a particular interest in examining sexuality in transnational contexts.

Faculty and students in the group come from York University, but also from other institutions and community groups throughout the world. They represent a variety of disciplinary backgrounds including: education, law, social work, women’s studies, sociology and political science.

Members of the research cluster have a number of goals:

  1. Exploring queer pedogogical approaches
  2. Investigating the legal and social constructions of heteronormativity
  3. Investigating decriminalization strategies
  4. Advocating for social policy on sexuality and human rights
  5. Investigating conditions affecting LGBT peoples seeking asylum in Canada
  6. Creating documentaries and participatory videos projects with LGBT groups

Current Events, Programmes and Projects

Research Project (2011-2016): Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights

Past Events, Programmes and Projects

Symposium (March 24, 2011): Migration, Sex Work and Trafficking: Master Narratives and Critical Perspectives