Transnational Migration Trajectories of Immigrant Women Professionals in Canada

Funder: SSHRC
Project Dates: 2009-2014 (parental leave: 2010-2011)
Principal Investigator: Guida Man (York University)
Co-Applicants: Tania Das Gupta (York University), Kiran Mirchandani (University of Toronto), Roxanna Ng (University of Toronto)

This study focuses on the transnational migration trajectories of work and family of immigrant women professionals from Mainland China and India. The study addresses three fundamental areas of inquiry: transnational migration, women’s work including work in the home and in the paid labour force, and global labour market restructuring. Specifically, this study examines how immigrant women professionals adopt transnational migration strategies to negotiate the conflicting demands of paid work and household work in the context of the complicated and contradictory processes of globalization and transnationalism. The myriad transnational strategies  immigrant women professionals utilize in negotiating their work and family life will be examined.