U.S. Homophile Internationalism

Professor Marc Stein, a CFR Faculty Associate, recently completed his U.S. Homophile Internationalism project (funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant). Outputs from the project included an online archive and exhibit created by Dr. Stein and his research team titled “U.S. Homophile Internationalism: Archive and Exhibit” for  . Focusing on the 1950s and 1960s, it features annotated bibliographies, digitized materials, and introductory essays on U.S. homophile magazine references to, representations of, and contributions from other parts of the world (including Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Russia/Eastern Europe/Soviet Union).

The research team presented its work on a plenary panel at the Gay American History @ 40 conference in New York City in May 2016 and The Journal of Homosexuality devoted a special issue to the project, U.S. Homophile Internationalism (Vol. 64, Issue 7, 2017), guest edited by Marc Stein. It featured articles by research team members, who included York PhD students Shlomo Gleibman, Tamara Lang, Sage Milo, Darya Serykh, Carly Simpson and Healy Thompson (see Table of Contents below). The team also presented its work on a panel at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Genders, and Sexualities in New York in June 2017.

U.S. Homophile Internationalism – Special Issue of the Journal of Homosexuality (Vol. 64, Issue 7, 2017) – Guest Edited by Marc Stein

Introduction: U.S. Homophile Internationalism (Marc Stein)

Democratizing LGBTQ History Online: Digitizing Public History in “U.S. Homophile Internationalism” (Tamara de Szegheo Lang)

“The Madness of the Carnival”: Representations of Latin America and the Caribbean in the U.S. Homophile Press (Shlomo Gleibman)

“But Oh! What Tales”: Portraying the Middle East in U.S. Homophile Periodicals of the 1950s and 1960s (Sage Milo)

Homonationalism Before Homonationalism: Representations of Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union in the U.S. Homophile Press, 1953–1964 (Dasha Serykh)

Imperial Queerness: The U.S. Homophile Press and Constructions of Sexualities in Asia and the Pacific, 1953–1964 (Carly Simpson)

“Some Africans Gave Full Approval of Homosexuality”: Representations of Africa in the U.S. Homophile Press, 1953–1964 (Healy Thompson)

Sex With Neighbors: Canada and Canadians in the U.S. Homophile Press (Marc Stein)